Extraordinary Banking for Extraordinary People

We understand the things that you value - excellent service, efficiency and protecting and growing your wealth for you and your family.

From your day-to-day banking requirements to your more complex financial needs, Barclays Premier offers you a wide spectrum of products and services.

Premier Current Account

The Premier Current account goes the extra mile to give you that extra in banking. Everything that you expect from your account is what Premier Current delivers; pre- approved overdraft and a debit balance facility combined with interest on your balances.

Premier Savings Account

Your savings are valuable to us, just as they are to you. Whether you are living in Zambia or abroad, you can rely on us for money placed in your account. Premier Savings account provides you the convenience of banking transactions topped up with interest on your savings.

Fixed Deposit

At Barclays our Fixed Deposit account gives you easier access to your money along with an opportunity to optimise your interest earnings. Convenience and flexibility is what we aim to deliver through our Barclays Fixed Deposit Account.

All transaction accounts with Barclays also entitle you to:

  • Premier Debit Card
  • Supplementary Debit Card for your spouse
  • Unlimited Teller Transactions
  • Inward and Outward Transfers within and outside Zambia.


The Premier proposition gives you the satisfaction of insurance coverage at no cost to you. We give you the comfort of travelling the world, knowing that we have your interest at heart.

For more information, contact your Premier Relationship Manager or write to:


For your peace of mind and safety, our mortage facility will help you acquire that property that others can only dream about. Contact your Relationship Manager or a member of staff at the Premier Centre or the nearest Barclays branch for more details.

Premier Loans

Whether it's for building your wealth or bridging a financial gap, with Barclays Premier you have a selection of short and long-term financial solutions to support your various endeavours.

International Banking

Because your financial requirements at times demand global reach, we offer you International Banking to assist you with options and solutions. Your Relationship Manager will be happy to discuss the range of services available to you.

Simply Exclusive

Premier Banking is reserved for people like you. This superior banking proposition is by invitation only and it is intended for extra- ordinary people who meet our discerning criteria and appreciate the value of quality and class.